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Friday, 2 October 2015

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CH-1: An Introduction to Python
•Introductory Remarks about Python
•Strengths and Weaknesses
•A Brief History of Python
•Python Versions
•Installing Python
•Environment Variables
•Executing Python from the Command Line
•Editing Python Files
•Getting Help
•Dynamic Types
•Python Reserved Words
•Naming Conventions
•Language Evolution
•Python Reserved Words and Other Rules
•The string Class
•Boolean and Numeric Types
•Lists and Tuples
•Looping Through Sequences
•Bit Variables
•Reading Files
•Some File Tests
CH-2: Basic Python syntax
•Basic Syntax
•String Values
•String Operations
•The format Method
•String Slices
•String Operators
•Numeric Data Types
•Simple Input and Output
•The print Function
CH-3: Language Components
•Control Flow and Syntax Indenting
•The if Statement
•Relational Operators
•Logical Operators True or False
•Bit Wise Operators
•The while Loop
•Break and continue
•The for Loop
CH-4: Collections
•Sorting Dictionaries
•Copying Collections
CH-5: Functions
•Defining Your Own Functions
•Function Documentation
•Keyword and Optional Parameters
•Passing Collections to a Function
•Variable Number of Arguments
•Functions -Passing Functions to a Function
•Mapping Functions in a Dictionary
CH-6: Modules
•Standard Modules - sys
•Standard Modules - math
•Standard Modules - time
•The dir Function
CH-7: Exceptions
•Run Time Errors
•The Exception Model
•Exception Hierarchy Handling Multiple
•Exceptions raise
•Writing Your Own Exception Classes
CH-8: Input& Output
•Data Streams
•Creating Your Own Data Streams
•Access Modes
•Writing Data to a File
•Reading data from a file
•Additional File Methods
•Using Pipes as Data Streams
•Handling IO Exceptions
•Working with Directories
•The pickle Module
CH-9: Classes in python
•Classes in Python
•Principles of Object Orientation
•Creating Classes
•Instance Methods
•File Organization
•Special Methods
•Class Variables
•Type Identification
•Custom Exception Classes
•Class Documentation – pydoc
CH-10: Regular Expressions
•Simple Character Matches
•Special Characters
•Character Classes
•The Dot Character
•Greedy Matches
•Matching at Beginning or End
•Match Objects
•Splitting a String
•Compiling Regular Expressions
CH-11: Data Structures
•List Comprehensions Nested List Comprehensions Dictionary Comprehensions
•Dictionaries with Compound Values Processing Lists in Parallel Functions
•Default Parameters
•Variable Arguments
•A Dictionary of Dictionaries Specialized Sorts
•The del Statement
•Time Functionality
•Using Generators
CH-12: Writing GUIs in Python
•Components and Events
•An Example GUI
•The root Component
•Adding a Button
•Entry Widgets
•Text Widgets
•Binding Events to Widgets
CH-13: Python& CGI Scripts
•HTML Forms
•A Guestbook Application
•What Can Go Wrong!
•HTML Tables
•The CGI Script
•Rendering of the Script
CH-14: The OS Module
•The Environment
•Launching Commands
•Creating a Process
•Directory Commands
•Other Process Methods
•File Information (Metadata
•Miscellaneous os Calls
•Walking Through Directories
CH-15: Network Programming
•A Daytime Server
•Clients and Servers
•The Client Program
•The Server Program
•An Evaluation Client and Server
•The Server Portion
•A Threaded Server
Appendix A: What You Might Not Already Know
•What is an Iterable?
•Creating Your Own Iterators
•The Functions any and all
•Thread Fundamentals
•Formatting Records
•The Python Debugger (2.x
•The with Statement
•Data Compression