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Thursday, 31 March 2016

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What is Hadoop?
Hadoop is java based programming platform for saving received data and executing softwrae’s on clusters of product hardware. This technology provides large storage space for varied kind of data, outstanding processing power and capability to manage immeasurable concurrent jobs or tasks. Hadoop is one of the parts of the Apache project supported by Apache Software Foundation.
Hadoop framework is basically used by large corporate companies such as Google, Apple, Amazon, Yahoo and IBM, for software’s which are involved in search engines or advertising. Most preferable operating system for Hadoop are Windows and Linux, however, Hadoop can also be work with OS X and BSD.
Currently Apache Hadoop ecosystem comprises of Hadoop kernel, the Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS), MapReduce, and a lot of similar projects such as HBase, Apache Hive, and Zookeeper.
Is There any Difference Between Hadoop and Big Data?
The basic difference between Hadoop and Big Data is that Big Data is an asset, usually a very complex and confusing one, whereas Hadoop is an application that achieves a set of targets for dealing with that asset or received data.
Big Data is the large sets of data that organizations and other parties collect to work on specific goals and operations. Big Data can comprise different kinds of data in various formats. A large volume of information can be stated as big data. In simple words big data is a collection of raw and unsorted data until it is handled by various kinds of tools and handlers.
Hadoop is one of the best tools created to handle big data. Hadoop and other similar software work to understand big data using various algorithms and methods. Hadoop is an open-source Java based framework under the Apache license which is conserved by a global community of consumers. It includes different main components, such as MapReduce functions and Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS).
Where to Get Trained in Hadoop?
Mindsmapped Consulting provides one of the best online Hadoop training. This Hadoop tutorial provides an introduction to Big Data, Hadoop Distributed File System and MapReduce algorithm.
This Big Data / Hadoop tutorial course has been designed for professionals aiming to get certified in Apache Hadoop Developer. Analytics Professionals, Software Professionals, Fresh Graduates, People looking for changing working feild and ETL coders are some of the beneficiaries of this online Hadoop course.
What are the Pre-Requisite Qualifications for Learning Hadoop?
Prior to getting started with your online Hadoop training program you must have working knowledge about database concepts, Core Java, and Linux operating system.
What is Career Prospective for Hadoop Developers?
Career prospective for Hadoop developers is very good. Hadoop is one of the new technologies which are used by most of the MNC’s for handling large volume of data and provide some meaning result out of that collected data.