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Tuesday, 17 March 2020

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Online Booking Portals allows travel agents to book flights, hotels, cars, and holiday packages; generate PNRs, change booking parameters, select seats, generate tickets and more. Advanced, scalable and highly customizable; our travel ERP system is simple, secure and will enable you with tools to do more with less manpower. Advanced automation in the system alerts you to action at the right time. Starting from reservation and cancellation to all revenue-related reports, the multitudinous reports of Trawex hotel booking system provides you an all inclusive break-down of all hotel operations including reservation statistics for Mobile, Desktop and even Facebook. Additionally, the online booking system provides you with a summary of all important data in the form of user-friendly charts and graphs directly visible on the dashboard. Taking the booking source in account, the system easily gives you an immediate statistic for reservation summary, current booking information, occupancy level, and daily/weekly/monthly revenue. Client wants a robust online booking system where passengers can easily make online bookings and save their time joining a long queue to buy a ticket. You also want to provide advanced features such as hotel room bookings during your stay at your destination, seat bookings at your shop floor by your counter operators, login agents for seat bookings are few of the main needs. They requested options for collecting cash online using the payment gateway method as well as direct cash. Customers must be able to take printing out of their e-tickets. At the back end, the web-based application administrator should be able to manage trips, ticket rates, coach seats, discounts and can also generate the Passenger Details Travel Sheet. Passenger details must have passport details, age eligibility, etc. Rate management tool gives you access to a comprehensive market behavior analysis to effectively manage hotel revenues and increase returns. In addition, the management tool can even compare the prices of competitors by which you can adjust your rates for maximum profits. To give you a further edge in your pricing strategy, you can even compare previous year’s date to evaluate the Best Available Retail Rate (BAR).

Trawex offers a comprehensive online booking engine that comes with B2B–Agent Module & B2C–Customer Module and connects to multiple GDS and XML hotels such as Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, GTA, HotelBeds, Tourico, Travco, HotelsPro, etc. Not only does this provide availability and booking options, it also provides a map of hotel location, images, features and 3D imagery options. As a complete package, it gives end users the maximum information they need to make the booking process. They Automates the booking process for user and administrator. As the owner, you're going to have to choose who can book. Perhaps it should be a general public, or only invited users, or only invited users with a custom mark, or a limited group of booking administrators. The users can easily and safely authenticate themselves by connecting their existing services (Google, Facebook, Twitter or Microsoft) or by using a password. Regular users with booking privileges can build bookings for themselves on a self-service basis. You can monitor the extent to which they do so through availability hours, booking periods, limits and cancelation / early policies. You can also establish booking conditions per room, such as min / max booking times, strict block bookings, and time periods where bookings are refused. Regular users can repeat bookings weekly, add notes to admins, and manage their personal and contact information. Online Booking Engine also collects the best deals from different suppliers on a daily basis and updates the inventory accordingly. Multiple payment gateways they provide the user with payment option.

Online booking tools (OBTs) are used increasingly by companies wishing to minimize costs while providing convenient booking features for travelers. Many factors influence online adoption, from the macro-economic context to organizational culture, but high adoption rates are possible, particularly when a comprehensive implementation strategy is implemented. Companies also need to carefully consider the trade-offs involved in using a single OBT or best-in-market OBTs regionally or locally, as well as whether to source directly or use reseller agreements. The effect of the internet on modern travel technology has been immense. The online booking process, which enables travel companies / agents to book services online, has become a high-performance business tool in the last few years. Global travel companies have embraced the online booking system software model, not only to offer fast bookings / services to end-customers, but have also developed a large network of B2B agents using the B2B & B2BC online booking system models recent review, conducted in March 2012, found that online booking systems are growing by more than 150 per cent YOY and have become the most popular tool for communicating with global target audiences in the travel & hospitality industry. To maintain long-term growth, travel companies have implemented online booking systems in the form of sub-portals such as flight booking system, hotel booking system, car booking system and CRS for holiday packages. Our system is designed to simplify online ticketing with an easy-to-use online bus booking system. An online booking system is a program that can be used to handle reservations. Trawex helps tour and event operators to accept online bookings and to better manage their mobile and in-person bookings.

Trawex is a leading travel technology company, offers comprehensive online booking software to global travel agencies, tour operators and DMCs. Our travel software system includes flights, hotels, transfers, cars, sightseeing, and holiday packages. Starting from the initial search, availability response, selection summary, payment & PNR / voucher generation, changes-everything can be managed online and changes can be made through backend. Airline Reservation System (ARS) is an online system for end-users to scan and book tickets for flights. We do sell compatible android apps for ARs. They are the leading travel portal development company offering B2B (agents), B2C (Users) & corporate travel portals with GDS and third party integration APIs. Online Booking System / Hotel Booking System is an online booking platform for hotels and properties across the globe. The online booking system is compatible with more than 20 hotel xmls including GTA, HotelBeds, HotelsPro, Tourico, Travco, etc. Hotel Booking System is a robust online reservation system that serves both direct clients–B2C and Agents –B2B. There is also a deposit account facility for agents. Travel platform development company & travel technology company consists of flight booking engine, hotel booking engine, hotel central reservation system, online booking engine, online travel agency application, tourism portal design & holiday packaging system. Trawex have done GDS, XML & API integration, Travel Port UAPI integration, Sabre GDS integration, Amadeus GDS integration, Hotel XML integration.

Online booking tools bring proven benefits when implementation is tailored to each company’s specific context. To reap the full benefits of online booking, companies require a tailored strategy and thorough implementation plan. This system allows you to manage reservations, traveler details, schedule routes, set availability of seats, etc. We have personalized booking portals as per customer requirements. The hotel reservation system works by processing secure online reservations made through the website of the hotel. The data is then transferred to a backend system that can be accessed by hotels to manage bookings. Other features can come with it–e.g. automation of confirmation emails for reservations. Your customers will need to have access to the internet in order to book through an online booking system. Online booking systems open up a range of opportunities for your company, from saving your staff time to a new revenue stream by offering up to selling items. An online booking system is a program that can be used to handle reservations. They allow tour and activity operators to accept online bookings and to better manage their phone and in-person bookings. But they do so much more than that, too. One of the biggest advantages of online booking sites is that they are always available to companies. You should welcome bookings 24/7 so that your customers do not have to wait until the next day to make a reservation or switch to one of your competitors. They've got the convenience of booking when its right for them, and you're collecting bookings while you're asleep. Booking systems will help you do more, with less. Once you've set up your business on the app, you won't need to call your guests for updates, send emails for follow-up, or check your stock on OTA's again and again. All of this is in the background so that you and your team can concentrate on serving your guests.